A very useful Chinese expression 物以稀为贵

Posted by Grace Feng on March 16, 2012

A very useful Chinese expression 物以稀为贵It has been holding true to almost any culture that scarcity is a value. There’s also a Chinese idiom exactly matches it. People love to use that idiom in all these kinds of situations. If you’ve read some Chinese articles, very likely you’ve come across this Chinese expression before. It’s very useful especially in today’s world when scarcity becomes one of the top selling points in any market. Please memories Chinese expression 物以稀为贵 wù yǐ xī wéi guì.

物 means “the thing”, 以稀为贵 means “deems as high value for being scarce”.

You will see how it is being used in the following examples:

zhèzhǒng mógu méishénme tèbié, jiù yīnwèi chǎnliàng hěn xiǎo, suǒyǐ mài jià hěn gāo. zhè jiùshì wùyǐxīwéiguì de dàoli.

这种蘑菇没什么特别, 就因为产量很小, 所以卖价很高.  这就是物以稀为贵的道理.

There’s nothing special about this kind of mushroom. Just because it’s yield is too small, it’s selling price is very high. This is the value that comes from scarcity.

[mp3j track=”wu-yi-xi-wei-gui-e1.mp3″]

súhuàshuō, wùyǐxīwéiguì, zhè chǎng Xiǎoxuě gěi zhège cóngbù xiàxuě de nánfāng chéngshì dàilái le nándé de jīngxǐ.

俗话说, 物以稀为贵, 这场小雪给这个从不下雪的南方城市带来了难得的惊喜.

As the old saying goes, scarcity is a value. The light snow has brought big surprise to this southern city that has never seen snow before.

[mp3j track=”wu-yi-xi-wei-gui-e2.mp3″]

Can you think of anything that fits 物以稀为贵? Try to describe it in Chinese with this Chinese expression. Free feel to leave your description in the comment area … thanks…

Have yourself a wonderful weekend, my dear friends! See you soon …


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2 Responses to “A very useful Chinese expression 物以稀为贵”

  1. nothing

    debashis banerjee:

    10-20-2017 2:47 pm

    对了 Grace; 实在, 物以稀为贵. 因此, 我很喜欢您的网站.
    有一个问题. 在第二个句子, 您 以”惊喜”翻译为”big surprise”. 可以说”pleasant surprise”呢?


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      10-21-2017 11:30 pm

      当然可以,Debashis. :-) Your translation is better than mine I think.



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