A movie with simple plot, simple mandarin, but deep emotions: The Road Home – 我的父亲母亲

Posted by Grace Feng on April 15, 2012

A movie with simple plot, simple mandarin, but deep passion: The Road Home - 我的父亲母亲The Road Home 我的父亲母亲 wǒde fùqīn mǔqīn (literally “My Father and Mother”) is a movie that I’d recommend to my readers to practice your listening comprehension and at the same time enjoy a touching, beautiful and very much Chinese style love story.

There is English caption for the narrative in the video, but there’s no Chinese caption (can’t find one anywhere I searched). Narrator and the main roles, narrator’s mother and father in the movie speak mandarin. Other minor roles may use dialects of the northern area (slight deviation of tones from mandarin). However, that won’t make it difficult for you to understand what’s going on.

There are not many dialogues through out the whole movie. It is mainly narrated by the son of the “Father and Mother” on recounting how his parent fell in love and came together as a couple overcoming all hurdles.  It also marked the cinematic debut of the Chinese actress 章子怡 (Zhang Ziyi).

I’d like to use the introduction from Wikipedia to get you started on the movie:

“The film begins in black and white in present-day China when the son (Sun Honglei) returns to his village from the city upon hearing of his father’s death. His mother, Zhao Di (Zhao Yulian), insists upon following the tradition of carrying the coffin back to their remote village by foot so that her husband’s spirit will remember its way home. As the narrator, the son recounts the story of his parents’ courtship, so famous that it has gained the status of a legend in the village. It is here the bleak black and white turns into vivid colors as the story shifts to the past. …”

Enjoy, my friends!


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5 Responses to “A movie with simple plot, simple mandarin, but deep emotions: The Road Home – 我的父亲母亲”

  1. nothing


    04-16-2012 10:22 am

    你好Grace,这是一个很让人感动的电影。我有这张dvd但是近年来没看它了。有时间的话我再要去看一遍,这样可以发现是否我的汉语水平提不提高了:) 对了,在这部电影里章子怡看上去特别年轻啊。


    • nothing


      04-16-2012 5:16 pm

      这是部很特别的电影. 没有都市的喧哗与浮躁, 却有着很朴素, 很执着的情感. 你有时间的话, 可以试试能不能听懂男女主角之间的对话. 不多, 很简单, 很清楚.

      这大概是章子怡拍过的第二部电影吧, 她那时才从学校出来, 挺年轻的, 也很清纯.:-)


  2. nothing


    04-18-2012 10:58 am




    • nothing


      04-18-2012 4:53 pm

      “好好学习,天天向上”… 呵呵 …
      Barry 加油!



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