A couple Chinese words about attitude that you can use in sentence pattern “I’m being treated…”

Posted by Grace Feng on May 23, 2013

A couple Chinese words about attitude that you can use in sentence pattern "I'm being treated..."There are situations that you need to describe how you were treated by others in Chinese. To learn Chinese words that reflect people’s social attitude toward others is the main goal of this post. The following six words are frequently used for this purpose. They can all be used the the two sentence patterns that follow:


1) 冷淡 lěngdàn – cold

2) 热情 rèqíng – warm

3) 友好 yǒuhǎo – friendly

4) 粗暴 cūbào – rude

5) 尊重 zūnzhòng – respectful

6) 客气 kèqi – polite; with curtsey


Now let’s look at how they are used in this sentence pattern:


They treat me …

他们对我 …

tāmen duì wǒ…


For example,


tāmen duì wǒ hěn rèqíng( lěngdàn, yǒuhǎo, cūbào, zūnzhòng, kèqi)。


They treat me warmly (coldly, friendly, rudely, respectfully, politely).


 Here comes another sentence pattern that can adopt any of the six words accordingly:

tā de tàidu shì rèqíng( lěngdàn, yǒuhǎo, cūbào, zūnzhòng, kèqi) de。


His attitude is warmly (coldly, friendly, rudely, respectfully, with curtsey).


Is it clear now? Please use any of the six attitude words to make sentences. You can either use the two sentence patterns I mentioned in the post, or construct you own sentences. The bottom line is, memorizing the example sentence patterns will definitely help you with this kind of expressions. Practicing and memorizing the six attitude words will also improve your vocab in this regards. Feel free to share your own sentences, thanks!


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