A classic Chinese movie about family, life and love – 饮食男女 (Eat Drink Man Woman)

Posted by Grace Feng on May 16, 2012

I’m a movie lover. I always kind of know which movie is a classic, which is a one time thing. Classic ones, I can watch again after a period of time and still enjoy. Watching classic movie is like drinking good wine, it pumps your heart, it leaves you with great taste.

For you, my dear readers, if you wanna have a real taste of Chinese culture, a real touch of Chinese life, I strongly recommend Chinese movie 饮食男女 yǐn shí nán nǚ (Eat Drink Man Woman) for tonight. It’s definitely a classic work about Chinese culture, family life and love. It’s also good material for you to learn mandarin online.

Directed by Ang Lee, the film received the Asia Pacific Film Festival Award for Best Film in 1994, and an Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film in 1995.

The videos only have English caption. I couldn’t find one with Chinese caption. But the picture quality is very good. The movie starts with the life of a widowed chef, who’s living with his three young daughters. None of them are engaged at the beginning of the movie. As the story progresses, each of them starts her own relationship. As a result, the family of four starts to face challenges one after another…

Now it’s your time to enjoy the story … if you have time, welcome to leave your comment after the movie. Thanks!

If you wanna turn the movie into a live learn Chinese mandarin textbook, you can download it’s subtitle from Complete Chinese subtitle for movie Eat.Drink.Man.Woman in pdf format.

饮食男女 yǐn shí nán nǚ (Eat Drink Man Woman)

If youtube link has issue, please use Jason’s link below, that one always works :-)


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6 Responses to “A classic Chinese movie about family, life and love – 饮食男女 (Eat Drink Man Woman)”

  1. nothing

    Jason (凯杰):

    05-17-2012 11:52 pm

    Hi Grace,

    Thanks for the movie, this is a favorite of mine. Gotta love all that food!

    Try this site for the whole movie with Chinese subtitles:


    • nothing


      05-18-2012 12:13 am

      Jason, thanks for your finding! This one has better quality and Chinese caption …

      I fed myself with snacks and hot drinks while watching it, it’s really appetizing, both mentally and physically … 8-)


  2. nothing


    07-27-2012 4:14 am

    hello Grace

    thanks for everything, i want your advice in how to process learning chines, i want to learn so fast so i jumb from website to another from program to another from a place to another i want to speak very fast but i think i lose time without gaining much so please advice me in how to process learning chines or if u can make a section in explaining the right way to learn….

    thank u again and some of the movies i can.t see because china doesn.t support youtube only youku

    thanks again and again and don.t forget the part of explaining how to start learning chines

    thank u


    • nothing


      07-27-2012 5:17 pm

      Hi Kassem,

      Sorry to hear that you’re a bit frustrated on your learning method. But thank you for reminding me on giving “how to learn Chinese” advice, which I totally agree is more important than anything else for beginners.

      Well it sounds like you’ve got an urgency on opening your mouth to talk the sooner the better since you’re already in China. In that case, daily colloquial dialogues are the first thing to go for. Imitating the native sound and tone through free tutorial videos or paid program, such as chinesepod, is a fast way to get your words out. However, you won’t go too far by just learning like this without building your language foundation in parralel, which includes pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. My lesson series mostly cover grammar and sentence pattern part. For pronunciation, you need to learn pinyin first, then you’ll be able to pronounce any new words by its pinyin later on. Vocabulary can be accumulated through reading. You can find lots of reading materials under “practice” or “vocabulary” on this blog. Eastasiastudent.net is also a good place to get reading materials.

      I will be on a long trip since tomorrow ( 12 days). When I come back, I will work on the section of learning advice.

      I never know that you can’t view youtube in China. Thanks for the important information you gave me. Later on, I’ll take that into consideration and put links from both places if possible.



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