10 Cultural Tips for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Posted by Grace Feng on August 16, 2015

[This is another guest post by Yang Yang from “Learn Mandarin Now“. She’ll share with us 10 interesting cultural tips of China in a well made drawing. Hope you find it as interesting and helpful as I do.  ]

In recent years learning Mandarin Chinese has become an increasingly popular pursuit, with more and more people around the world taking on the challenge.

Reasons for study are as varied as the people who are learning the language.  Some are learning in order to advance careers, some are planning to travel to the region, some love languages and learning new ones, while some enjoy the rhythms and sounds of Mandarin.  Likewise, the methods of study are just as varied and include classes online or in person and one on one tutoring.

We are dedicated to helping you learn better Mandarin Chinese. To this end, we have put together the following 10 do’s and don’t to help you learn about Chinese culture and how the culture influences the language.

We strongly believe that learning a little bit about Chinese culture will go a long way in helping you deepen your understanding as you learn Chinese.  We think you’ll find that understanding the issues unique to Chinese culture will improve your insight into the Chinese language.

Perhaps these tips will inspire you to look for more tips on how to speak Mandarin Chinese, or to get advice from others who have been where you are now.
If you enjoy speaking Chinese, you’ll find it easier to learn. You might even be pleasantly surprised and how fast you gain fluency in Mandarin Chinese!

10 Cultural Tips for Learning Mandarin Chinese




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